Make money with Crypto in 2021

Crypto investment is a "great opportunity" to create breakthrough profits for investors. 2021 is starting with many impressive developments of the Crypto market. Therefore, now is the time to prepare new investment strategies for 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Ask questions related to Make money with Crypto in 2021 in areas where you are wondering or confused. Get answers and advice from a lot of "anonymous geeks " in the Crypto loving community of Remitano.

Total prizes of up to 500 USDT awaits you. Ask right away!



Just register 1 time, you are free to ask questions or answer any question in the Discussion section of the Remitano Forum.The important sections include:

Remitano Q A how to join 2

Time to participate in asking questions and answering: 27/02/2021 to 27/03/2021.

See more detailed instructions at the end of the article.

How to reward:

Attractive bonus up to 500 USDT for the best questions and answers!

  • Prize 1: 10 best questions include: 5 questions with the most total comments + heart drop (at least 10 comments+heart) and 5 best questions voted by Remitano

  • Prize 2: 10 best answers for the 10 best questions selected by Remitano.

  • Prize 3: 5 active forum members with the most valid answers for all participating questions.

25 winners will divide equally the number of USDT prize floors unlocked corresponding to total number of questions posted on Discussion section as following:

Q A prize table EN

Are you ready? Learn how to ask questions and provide right answers now!

Part 1 - Sign up for the program with just a few steps

  • Comment in this post in the following syntax: Username + I want to join and post screenshots of the proofs shared on Facebook. Example: jackson245 + I want to join
Screenshot 2020 01 09 at 10 33 07 AM

Part 2 - Ask a question on the topic "Make money with Crypto in 2021"

  • Step 1: Submit a question by clicking on the button" Post / Ask "at the Discussion tab of the forum.
  • Step 2: Enter the title with the syntax: [Crypto Q&A] + Your question, ask the question at Content section and press the button Submit (see picture picture below)

Attention, Attention! You can only ask maximum 1 question in 1 post, but you can ask more than one question.

Part 3 - Answer difficult questions

You can choose to answer any question posted in the Discussion section. However, for each question, you are allowed to answer only 1 time.


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